Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Warmageddon the Seven

Why no updates?
See that link on the side? No not the first one, the second one ...
Yeah, that's Warmageddon. It's the fanatsy comic that I created. Lately, it'd been sucking away my free time, so there haven't been any posts here.

The latest Warmageddon proejct is Warmageddon: the Seven and it's part of a small press contest. Drop over to the contest and check it out at : www.warmageddon.com/idol/?where=capthys

If you like what you see, then take the time to register and place a YES vote for the Seven.

Next time ... more Hysteria.

Monday, April 17, 2006


Cheese, Spice and Everything Hysteria

Captain Hysteria woke up today with a new goal. CH's goal for today was Paramesan Cheese. You see CH has a great burning desire to consume PC but the agents of M.O.M.M.Y. and D.A.D.D.Y. have always been mostly successful in thwarting CH's desire to get to the yummy goodness within the green container.

So the Good Captain began this morning with a secret jaunt into the land of Fridge where he silently retrieved the PC and sat silently consuming the yummy goodness within. It was soon that the agent of D.A.D.D.Y. noticed the absence of noise and discovered the Good Captain face planted in a pile of PC. The PC was secreted back to the land of Fridge with about 1/2 it's contents.

The Good Captain then laid low for a couple hours before trying once again. This time he took his yummy cheese goodness into the headquarters of M.O.M.M.Y. There on the bed he emptied the entire remaining contents on the bed. When discovered by the agent of D.A.D.D.Y, the Good Captain was covered in PC and the poor green container was tossed to the wayside. CH was, of course, taken away kicking and screaming before the agent vacuumed the PC goodness away.

Hours later, the Good Captain was seen standing on the counter in the land of Kitchen washing down the PC with a good dose of Cinny Mon. The agent crept up behind him and snatched away the cinny goodness before setting the good Captain back upon the ground.

Having been thwarted in his Cinny Mon goal, the Goal Captain decided to have the final word by visiting the land of Fridge and stealing the last spoonful of cream cheese and tossing into some crevice in the sleepy darkness of Kidroom while being chased by the good agent. Now the cream cheese remains hidden in the darkness until the morrow when it will no doubt be found with all its rotten stinkiness.

The Good Captain now content in the mischief that he has managed settled down with a nice Shel Silverstein book before commencing to complain about the lack of liquid in his cup.

Saturday, April 08, 2006


The Queen's New Groove

The agents have finally gotten around to replacing old VHS movie with new DVDs. One such replacement was Disney's The Emperor's New Groove. Now the VCR has been non-functioning for months (if not years). In fact, it's been so long that Captain Hysteria and company have forgotten some of the movies that exist only on VHS.

Now that we have the movie, Queen McKenzie has gotten her groove back. QM nows runs around the house shouting ...

"Boom, baby!"

Friday, April 07, 2006


My Cheese

As previously reported, Captain Hysteria now has the ability to open the interior doors. This gives the good Captain access to the Land of Bath. CH's favorite activity in the Land of Bath (after bathing, splashing in the toilet, and some times bathing in the toilet) is brushing his teeth.

To brush his teeth, the good Captain must first climb unto the sink. CH then grabs his brush and opens up the medicine cabinet (which holds no medicine) . From the medicine cabinet, CH extracts the Paste of Tooth. The PoT is then rubbed unto the brush and he proceeds to brush his teeth complete with spitting. CH however is standing on the sink as he spits and thus all the spittle lands on the medicine cabinet mirror.

Upon completion, CH is unable to climb down fromt he sink and thus an agent must be sent to retrieve the good Captain. Why the good Captain is unable to climb down from the sink after brushing his teeth is a mystery as he able to climb down on eveyr other occassion. The agents believe it's becaause he like showing off his fine spittle work on the mirror.

After being free from the sink (and after the agent cleans up the spittle work), the good Captain can be seen running around with a big old smile. CH will then run up to everyone exclaiming "Look! My Cheese."

Thursday, April 06, 2006


Conversations with the Queen: Ice

Agent of D.A.D.D.Y: Queen McKenzie, your ice is melting.
Queen McKenzie: I don't care, I'm saving it for later.

QM then walks over and gets the ice off the paper towel and puts it in her mouth.

QM: My paper towel is wet.
AOD: That's because your ice melted.
QM: No it didn't I ate it.

AOD just shakes his head and instructs QM to place the paper towel in the trashcan. Surprisingly, she does this with no debate.

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