Saturday, January 12, 2008


Agent of Chaos and Goals of the New Year

When last we spoke, I mentioned that there was something in the works that was tangentially related to this blog, well...

My good buddy and comic book artist extraordinare, Mike Hawthorne, has been pushing me to turn this blog into more. So with the help of Steve Musgrave and my comrade in arms, Mike Imboden, we created Thomas: Agent of Chaos.

Thomas and his brother, Carl, are a mixture of Calvin and Hobbes, Dennis the Menace, Princess Gwen, Queen McKenzie, and Captain Hysteria : the ORIGINAL Agent of Chaos.

Thomas: Agent of Chaos is part of this month's (JAN 2008) competition of Zuda Comics. Zuda Comics is basically like American Idol for comic books/ comic strips. 10 strips are chosen a month and given over to the public to vote. So it's your job to register and vote on Thomas. If Thomas finishes as the top strip (AKA #1) then we (Steve, Mike and I) get a contract and get paid to produce 52 more Thomas strips. If not then Steve Mike and I, will continue to do the strip as we can. Either way there will be more Thomas, but if we win there will be much, much more Thomas! The URL to vote is but remember to register first!

That's enough about Thomas. This post is running long as CH:tOAoC has reminded the Agent of D.A.D.D.Y by some how shoving both fists into a single (and formerly full) 18 oz jar of peanut butter.

The goals for the new year are
1) post more often to this blog
2) do more Thomas strips
3) get the Princess to ride her bike without training wheels (she is 10 now)
4) get the Queen to ride here bike without training wheels (she is almost 6 mow)
5) get the peanut butter smell off CH.

A tip to help defeat th e Agents of C.H.A.O.S :
Washable crayons are your friend. They wash off most surfaces with water. If you find yourself in possession of non-washable crayons (like if a G.R.A.N.D Agent supplied them), WD-40 and/or baby oil will remove them. If the AoCs some how get hold of a Sharpie of other non-washable market, rubbing alcohol should remove the marks from most surfaces.

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